Smart Business Choices

In today's complicated business world it's not surprising that legal consultation must be made a part of every business plan. Without expert legal advice on issues such as choosing the right business entity, deciding whether to incorporate, complying with government regulations, and many other issues, you could be starting out on a risky foundation.

Legal Consultation Is Critical

  • Business Start-Ups

    There are many issues that need to be decided on when starting a business. The right business entity is important from the beginning. The general choices are sole proprietorship, partnership including limited liability partnership, limited liability company, cooperative, and B, C, and S corporations. Your attorney can advise you on the right entity for your business type and size.

  • Read The Fine Print

    Throughout your business's lifecycle, you will see many different types of contracts come across your desk. Contracts are legal documents that bind the signers to stipulations and obligations that must be fulfilled. Your business may also need to draft contracts for clients or contractors doing business with you. The wording in contracts is critical and must be written to comply with law.

  • Business Legal Issues

    Other legal issues will eventually arise while conducting business and you will need consultation from an experienced business attorney to resolve them successfully. Some of these issues include but are not limited to business liability and risk, tax consequences, corporation bylaws, stockholder issues, intellectual property rights, and hundreds more in all areas of business operations.

Attorney Representation is Best

Whether you're a new entrepreneur drafting a new business venture or a seasoned business professional with expansion plans, you will need an experienced business attorney to help ensure your success. For business legal assistance in Texas, contact an experienced dallas business attorney before making that next big move. The dollars you spend now investing smart will pay off in your future.